How to Find the Altruist Eye  


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27/03/2018 12:22 pm  

At Altruist Cult all of the paintings mean something bigger, also this can connect to the Chiliad Mural. Some of the suns are red, so that means at dusk. That sun has 8 rays. Another sun has 7 rays. This means come to Altruist Cult at 7-8 pm. This is the time when dusk happens in-game. SEE THE EYE! Another way to find 7 pm, is on the Mount Chiliad Mural. The eye above the mountain has 7 lines or rays. On the mural, there are lightning bolts. This means you have to have rainy weather between 7-8 pm. At this time you can see the eye pop out of the clouds between 7-8 pm. Mission #40 is called Eye in the Sky, the weather is always raining.


Here watch my video on it- Sorry about the bad quality of the eye, I might update it to a better version. 


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