Doomsday mural colors found in game other than the heists!  


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17/03/2018 5:11 pm  

Well I have actually found the red, yellow, green, and purple pattern from the doomsday heist mural. And it seems thet it actually gives them a sense of meaning also. And it also adds a new color to the sequence which is brown and it is before the yellow section. I found it in the last episode of Princess Robot Bubblegum. It labels the colors as such Brown being poopy, yellow being A stoner called smoker, Red being called Grindy, I think the green is called spiffy? Couldnt tell. And purple being humpy. Now there is some connections that we have to go on some kind of sex spree with as many diffent partners as we can. Maybe this is telling us when we actually have to do this orgy. During the purple section. Any way heres a video to help show what i am talking about. Just pay attention to the blocks or dice that contain the new mascots.


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