Doomsday Mural Discoveries  


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The Doomsday mural released in the Doomsday DLC consists of four sections Yellow Red Green and Purple, each section telling a different story. Higgins Helitour and its helipad play a major role in the doomsday mural just like it did the Oeuvre Gallery painting being the only clue found in-game that gives players colored coordinates for North and South which is Yellow and Red.

The yellow murals seems to focus on energy, space and time. The most notable drawing is the Chiliad Mural which is connected to the FIB and its UFO's. To the right of the mural a crescent eye can be seen, the same eye found on the Psychic Shoutout Logo which I believe is connected to Trevor as Trevor is the only protagonist who resides in the North and during his psychic reading with Miss Marcy she says quote "I am a thousand years old" which is reference to Mount Chiliad. To the right of the crescent eye there is a zig zag line which is connected to 8 marks which instantly made me think of Franklin's psychic reading with Miss Marcy because her dialogue involves numerology and the number 8 and the square root of 8 is 64. The next drawing is of a hand which I believe is the same hand found on the Beseechers website just pointing in a different direction. Next is the atom drawn above the hand which I believe is atom found in the Atomic Logo. To the right of the atom there is a picture of a planet and a spaceship below it which looks to be pointing to the core of the planet and beside that is a wave which repeats itself, now I know this is a bit of a stretch and is in no way connected to Blaine County being in yellow part of the mural but the WTF UFO is considered to be the middle of the map 0.0 and the UFO just so happens to repeat the same sound over and over maybe it's a connection. To the right of the planet at the top of the mural there's three identical drawings which I believe to be the wings of the eagle on the FIB Logo knowing that the FIB are connected to the UFO's.

The Red sections focuses on nuclear science. The globe in the bottom left corner which I believe is tied to either Global Earth Extractions Ltd or Globe Oil as both logos resemble the globe on the mural. Next is the atom with 4 electrons and 5 orbits which is identical to the Monetary Science Logo as it only has 4 electrons, the only difference is that the logo is missing 2 orbits. The drawing of the world to the right of the atom is map style called "Goode Homolosine Projection" something I've yet to make a connection to in-game. Next is the Infinite logo which is connected to Merle Abrahams the Infinite 8 killer and the Bolingbrook Prison where his quote on the wall inside the prison can be found. (Note: Bolingbroke Penitentiary is built in Los Santos not Blaine County which is why it's drawn in the Red section of the mural.) To the right of the infinite drawing is a drawing of some kind of code possibly binary which can be found printed on the shirts of the robots during the doomsday heist. The nuclear logo can be found in several tattoo shops and also in Lester's house above his bookshelf which could be why its in the red section, maybe it has something to do with the Merryweather Heist or submarine parts.

The Green section focuses on evolution and DNA. At the top left a DNA strand can be seen, the same DNA strand can be found on the Accept the Truth website. The Grain of Truth logo can be seen at the bottom who also owns a website. The large DNA strand beside the Grain of Truth logo is fitted with the word Bigfoot which is tied to the number 27 as that is how many peyote plants can be collected. The sperm drawing is hinting to the Eugenics Lab and the caveman is Toe Shoes.

The Purple focuses on ethics and balance. The yin yang can be found in the logo of Virawear AntEater that Michael uses in the mission Friend Reuest to remove the viruses from the computer. a backyard in Richman Glen, painted on a trailer near Omega's, eye contacts, a left hand tattoo and on the wall inside both tattoo parlors in Blaine County. The identical keyhole can be seen in the logo of the Union Depository and the logo of The Secure Unit (Heavy Goods and Storage Unit. There are a few leg tattoo's which are also identical to the keyhole as well. The brain can be found in two different places the first place is behind the PSI logo on Dr. Friedlanders website and the second brain is that of FIB agent Andreas Sanchez which can be seen in the mission The Wrap Up when Steve Haines Shoots him in the head. The scales of justice are found in 2 different places most notable the FIB logo and in the logo of the Pacific Standard Bank. The small lightning bolt is the same identical lightning bolt found in the background on the Psychic Shoutout website. The maze is connected to Maze Bank as the same style maze can be seen on the ground of the bank from a birds eye view. The 3 rings can be found in a picture on the website Cash For Dead Dreams website. The PSI symbol can be found on Dr. Friedlanders website which is the missing chapter in the Epsilon tract. The eye with lashes can be found on a poster in Lesters house and on an eye patch worn by a npc at the Alturist Camp.

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I also feel that there are hidden colors to this mural. Hence following the full color spectrum. Or rainbow. With the yellow and red you get orange. and from purple you get blue and red. Since Franklin is green and is represented if you are trying to make the connection with the colors this way. the two "hidden" colors seem to represent Micheal and Trevor. Just some thoughts


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