Doomsday Mural Discoveries Pt 2  


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In my previous post regarding the Doomsday Mural I listed off several companies I believe to be involved with the mural based on their logo. Upon further investigation I found that a majority of their properties are watched by CCTV Cameras, Gruppe 6 security guards and police officers.

The following list only includes properties with surveillance, for other discoveries check out my original post.

Doomsday Mural Discoveries

Yellow Mural:

Mt Chiliad Mural
Psychic Shoutout (De Santa Residence - Gruppe 6 Security)
Bishops WTF Building
Hair on Hawick -

Red Mural:

Globe Oil - Globe
Hair on Hawick - Atomic Contacts
BolingBroke Penitentiary - Infinite 8
Mount Chiliad - Binary Code
Lester House - Nuclear Sticker
Blazing Tattoo - Nuclear Sticker

Green Mural:

Eugenics - Sperm / Alpha Mail

Purple Mural:

Lifeinvader - Yin Yang
Union Depository - Keyhole
Brain - Dr. Friedlander/Andreas Sanchez
Pacific Standard Bank - Scales of Justice

Doomsday Mural Gallery


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