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I started digging deeper into the Doomsday Mural and managed to discover some new connections. Knowing the purple section of the mural focuses on ethics and involves Michael I decided to take a closer look at the businesses I mentioned in my previous posts that I believe are associated with the mural. The yin yang can be found in the logo of the Viraware AntEater Software that Micheal uses to remove the viruses from the computer inside Lifeinvader during (Friend Request). When the virus scan is played in slow motion, the programs that get removed have a connection to Michael and the Doomsday Mural. Note: The packaging of the Viraware AntEater Software can be found on the bottom shelf of the bookcase sitting in Lester's back room.

Epsilon Program
actualize yourself.exe
I Fruit Park X
Ring Worm A23
Rev Mon.exe
internet Eye Find 6
Monetary Science

G235virus - The G235 virus is the Avian Influenza Virus found in chickens on chicken farms which would be Cluck'n'Bell, a building that can only be accessed once during the "Paleto Score"

Epsilon Program - The Epsilon Program is a fictitious religious cult Michael can join.

Lifeinvader.exe - Lifeinvader can only be accessed once in the mission (Friends Request)

actualize yourself.exe - "Actualize Yourself" poster can be found on the door of the Epsilon Society located in Hawick. (Note: Self-Actualization FM is an ambient/chillout radio station available exclusively in Episodes from Liberty City.)

Cashfordreams.exe - On the website there's a picture of a Black Obey Tailgater and Michael is the only Protagonist and/or character in the game that owns the vehicle besides Epsilon. There is a newspaper on the bottom shelf of Lester's bookcase in his front foyer with a picture of the Obey Tailgater with a drawing of a red pyramid. The website and their billboard also has a picture of the 3 interlocked rings (Gold Bracelets) just like the 3 interlocked rings found in the top right corner of the purple mural. The 3 interlocked rings could also represent a democratic movement.

T44virus - The T44 virus is hepatitis A, unfortunately I have yet to figure out what this could be pointing to.

sixfiguretemps - is a business and their website involves importing and exporting drugs/drug smuggler. Now I don't know if this is tied to a mission but I know Michael mentions smuggling dope in his conversation with Dr Friedlander during his first visit. Michael was also involved in smuggling ring back in 1985 which you can read below Michael and Dr Friedlanders dialogue.

Dr. Isiah Friedlander: Your son, James. He's a good kid?

Michael De Santa: He's a good kid? A good kid? Why? Does he help the fucking poor? No. He sits on his ass all day, smoking dope and jerking off while he plays that fucking game. If that's our standard for goodness... then no wonder this country's screwed.

Dr. Isiah Friedlander: And what about you?

Michael De Santa: What about me? Hey... I didn't have the advantages that kid has. By the time I was his age, I'd already been in prison twice. I robbed banks. I ran whores. I smuggled dope. Michael also worked with an elderly man in his teens,

Late teens, early adulthood:

Over time Michael meets and works with various criminals preforming small jobs. Before he is 20 he had already been to prison twice for unspecified reasons. In 1985 Michael finds work from an elderly contact, who wants something "hot" smuggled into Canada. The elderly man contacts another small operation ran by a young pilot named Trevor Philips who had his own small air freight operation in North Yankton and a borrowed Beagle plane. A meet is set for Michael and Trevor to deliver the unknown package into Canada in the next few days.

The events of the situation are unspecified and mysterious, however the day of the delivery, something happened between Michael and the elderly contact. It has not yet been revealed what. The elderly contact chased Michael all the way to Trevor's airstrip. Trevor sees this and immediately becomes suspicious as he is only expecting one vehicle to show up. Michael pulls up first and exits the car running towards Trevor, followed by the frantic old man. Playing "peacemaker" Trevor shoots off a flare gun at the old man, and ends up killing him as it enters his head through his eye.

The altercation goes unexplained by Michael as Trevor doesn't state any reasoning behind it when talking about the events later. However it can be assumed that Michael stole something from the man, possibly intending on taking the cargo for himself and giving no profit to the employer. Michael and Trevor decided to take the unspecified cargo into Canada, and they bring the body of the old man into the plane, dumping him out of a plane into a lake. While in the plane, the flare had still been burning in the mans head, and Trevor states the Beagle never smelt the same again. Upon landing in Canada, both Trevor and Michael vomited when getting out of the plane, Trevor labels it as "quite a baptism." and soon their friendship was cemented.

I Fruit Park X - Michael is the only protagonist who owns an iFruit phone. The only time Michael uses his phone in a park is after completing the mission Marriage Counselling when he contacts Lester for help in the park across the street from Rockford Plaza

rev mon.exe - rev mon is a parody of RavMonE.

RavMone also known as RJump, is a Trojan that opens a backdoor on computers running Microsoft Windows. Once a computer is infected, the virus allows unauthorized users to gain access to the computer's contents. This poses a security risk for the infected machine's user, as the attacker can steal personal information, and use the computer as an access point into an internal network.

RavMonE was made famous in September 2006 when a number of iPod videos were shipped with the virus already installed.[1] Because the virus only infects Windows computers, it can be inferred that Apple's contracted manufacturer was not using Macintosh computers. Apple came under some public criticism for releasing the virus with their product.

RavMonE is a worm written in the Python scripting language and was converted into a Windows executable file using the Py2Exe tool.[2] It attempts to spread by copying itself to mapped and removable storage drives. It can be transmitted by opening infected email attachments and downloading infected files from the Internet. It can also be spread through removable media, such as CD-ROMs, flash memory, digital cameras and multimedia players.

One of the programs listed above contained this virus for the computer to to be infected. "The trojan opens a backdoor on computers running Microsoft windows" the words IAA and back door jism are written down on a whiteboard inside the room and IAA is connected to the Doomsday Mural.

internet eye find 6 - Internet Eye Find 6 is where we can locate all the websites listed in the virus scan.

Monetary Science - Monetary Science is an (Precious Metal) investment company who's logo is an atom with a dollar sign in the center, the same dollar sign found the rims Jimmy customizes Michael's car with. Gold seems to be the main focus on the website and the only mission that involves gold is the Big Score, which takes place inside the Union Depository. The keyhole on the purple section of the mural can be found in the Union Depository logo and the bottom button on their elevator panel has a picture of a skeleton key.

virtiga714 - I can not seem to find anything which mentions virtiga714 within the game but 714 is the area code for several counties in California.


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