Painting Explanation - Epsilon/FIB/Merryweather/Lettuce Be  


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The paintings below are located at Los Santos Customs and Periscope in Burton and at Specs Pest in Downtown Vinewood, The picture consists of 1 Teal/Epsilon Blue triangle, 3 Red boxes, and a Teal/Epsilon Blue oval/circle.

Now the triangle represents Mount Chiliad and the 3AM FIB UFO, the Blue color beneath the shapes represents water/Alamo Sea. The red box at the bottom represents the rail gun players collect from the Merryweather plane crash after the mission Minor Turbulence, the other 2 boxes are decoys. The oval/circle represents Salvation Mountain/Hippy Camp and the FIB UFO. 

The painting is connected to Epsilon and evidence of this can be found in the Epsilon Tract:

Chapter 2 Verse 2

Nothing shows truth form more than upwards generosity and nothing shows wrongness more than doubt. No one is weaker than the questioner. Not one person. Not even a really weak person, without any strength at all. Or a lettuce. Yes, I want to be clear, as clear as the lake which truth lives, which is another metaphor I will come back to, as Kraff came back for us across Paradigms in this 9th Paradigm, year 157. Hear them speak, oh lovers of arboreal wisdom! Hold on to the peach tree and the apple tree and give all that you have in faith and watch fruits flow upward to a bountiful harvest. He who hungers while others are rich shall someday be rich himself

Now the word Lettuce Be (LB) can be found in Del Perro, visiting the Lettuce Be in Hawick there's 2 umbrellas on the sidewalk shading the store front which are strategically placed to hide the painting hidden in the window.

This means Epsilon know the truth about the FIB UFO's or could very well be working with the FIB, let me know your thoughts.


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