Los Santos Gas Company and Utilities  


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Los Santos Gas Company

The Los Santos Gas Company is a very important location on the map. The transmission tower that stands next to the storage tank has no power running to it and it does not show up on the map, same goes for the one on the opposite side of the freeway. These transmission towers display red and yellow warning markers at their base, the number 7 and CB UTW AT5 sign which refers to the CB Radio. When taking a closer look at the towers the letter "C" can be found half way up, this can be seen when driving slowly on the bridge during the mission Father/Son. All other transmission towers used in the game are marked on the map. Some are fitted with the letter "A" and others with the letter "B". There is two styles of towers but keep in mind that "A" and "C" are fitted on the same tower.

Note: The only transmission tower players can visit in North Yankton without going off track and failing the mission is marked with the letter "C".

Brown Telephone Poles:

There are 5 different models of standard brown telephone poles used throughout the game 3 of which are fitted with 1, 2 or 3 yellow markers at their base. I find this to be some kind of puzzle just like the transmission towers.

Note: The telephone pole at the turn to beat the train in North Yankton is fitted with 2 yellow Markers.

Small Light Poles:

The small thin light poles located on the grounds of the Los Santos Gas Company and many other places around the map have a red and yellow base. To me these are just more evidence that red and yellow play a huge part in the over all mystery knowing that these colors are used on the Oeuvre Gallery painting and the doomsday mural.

Big Light Poles:

Big light poles painted red and yellow can be found in places like the terminal and Palmer-Taylor Power Station, etc.

CB UTW AT5 Sign:

These signs can be found on transmission towers, storage tanks, cranes, trains and train equipment. It points players in the direction of the CB radio where random chatter can be heard when playing as Trevor.

Los Santos Gas Company Wallpaper:

Rockstar released a wallpaper that included the Los Santos Gas Company and I believe it's a hint to this topic.

Pictures for the utilities mentioned above can be viewed in the utilities gallery.


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