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Merle Abrahams



Merle Abrahams, also known as The Infinity Killer (1947-2004) was an alleged serial killer who lived in Sandy Shores. He was accused of murdering eight people in 1999 (dubbed the Infinity Murders).


Senora Beacon:

Merle Abrahams the suspected infinity killer passed away last night at Bolingbroke Penitentiary while awaiting trial for abduction and torture. Abrahams, 57, was suspected to be responsible for the infinity murders a series of disappearances that happened 5 years ago. Police believed the 8 victims who were all single young men killed while jogging, were all murdered by the same person and had circumstantial evidence linking Mr. Abrahams to the victims, no bodies were ever found and Abrahams never confessed, although he did admit to a weird obsession with the number 8.



The Phrase:

The phrase "Go away Merle Abrahams you're the wrong'un" is written on the back of Merle house in Sandy Shores which was destroyed in a arson attack while he was incarcerated.




Wrong'un - An individual male or female, that is without conscience and has severe social disorders. These can appear in booze and boot abuse (usually combined) and are normally associated with bizarre sexual behavior, ridiculous dancing, and severe bouts of wanking often in public and hotel balconies, and constant references to anything anal such as fucking butt and bum wee which is explosive diarrhea.


Boot - Used to describe someone who is right out of boot camp and or their MOS school.


Switch Scene: Wanking (Masturbating)

Mission: Anal Reference

Switch Scene: Explosive Diarrhea


Trevor Philips



What is known about Trevor's background comes from his own words. Trevor was born and raised in Canada (Vancouver, British Colombia), near the border with the United States, or as he calls it - the "Canadian border region of America". In a conversation with Franklin while hanging out, he claims he "grew up in five states, two countries, fourteen different homes, eight fathers, three care homes, two correctional facilities, one beautiful, damaged flower of a mother" and has "served time, my country, your country and myself." Even as a child, he had a history of rage issues and violent impulses that ruined his attempts to fit into society (notably, it is implied that he, in a fit of rage, sodomized his hockey coach with a hockey stick and he implies in a conversation with Cletus that at some point he strangled a clarinet player with his own instrument). Trevor also mentions how he killed various animals and "drifters" even during the early years of his life

Trevor discovered that he had a talent for flying jets. He enlisted in the air force to fly fighter jets, but several days prior to completing his training and becoming a licensed pilot, Trevor was deemed mentally unstable by the "witch" in charge of psychological evaluations, thus resulting in Trevor's discharge and grounding for life.


Crab Symbol:

The symbol of the crab plays an important role in this mystery. Trevor can purchase the Champagne Driver Blouson jacket from the Discount Store which has a gold crab embroidered on its back . Inside Trevor's apartment in Vespucci Beach there is a crab floor mat in the bathroom. During the mission "Hotel Assassination" Franklin Clinton meets Lester Crest in front of Dune-O's Beach Cafe whose sign has crabs on it. On the website under the tab labeled O.D.S (Online Diagnostics System) crabs are 3% on the pie chart labeled Lexicon Of Fear.

On Merle's wiki under Trivia it says "Abrahams use of the infinity sign is reminiscent of the Zodiac Killer's sign. In Western cultures, crab is one of the symbols of the zodiac.







Now the police claim the 8 victims to be men but the question is, how would the police know the victims were young men if the bodies were never recovered?


Final Thoughts:

With the evidence I've presented I believe Trevor fits the description of the Infinity Killer and the 8 men police claim to be missing are the eight fathers. The female bodies on the ocean floor are mummified and can only be identified looking through the game files on PC. Knowing this info there's 2 ways to look at this,

(1) The bodies on the ocean floor are meant to be men but R* used female characters because they are smaller which would make them more difficult to see.

(2) If the bodies on the ocean floor are women that would mean the 8 men police claim to be missing, are still missing. If that's the case, then where are they?


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