Lester's Map Locations and Events  


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The markings on the map found in Lester's house lead to the following:


Sticky Note: Liberty Tree Page 3.2

Leopolds/Epsilon/Sebastian Dix/Assuming the Truth/CCTV


Small Dot



Watch These Banks: Penris, Maze Bank, Kayton Banking Group

ATM Machines/The Three Bankers


Red Marker - A

Rockford Hills Mall/Weapon -MP5


Red Marker - B

Suburban/Friend Request/CCTV



Fleeca Bank (Hawick)/Random Event


4 Blue Squares/Handicap Parking

Ceasars 24 Hour Car Park/Stunt Jump/Humane Labs Raid - key Card


Sticky Note: This Time Bring Knife, Binoculars, Rope, Cell Phone, Night Sight

Higgins Helitours (Property)/Three's Company/The Bureau Raid (Only 2 missions that involve rope)


Sticky Note: Sightings Coordinates

FIB Builidng/UFO Coordinates/Sightings Restaurant and Bar/CCTV/Higgins Heltours/Letter Scrap


Red Marker - D

Construction Tunnel Cooridnates/The Big Score



Document Forgery Office


Red Marker - C

Josh Berstein/STD Contractors/The Construction Assassination  


GPS Coordinates

24 Hour Parking/Stunt Jump Coordinates



Benny's Original Motorworks


Small Dot

Vapid Garage (Property)/Stunt Jump/The Bus Assassination/CCTV/Stock Market


Stay Here

Hammerstein & Faust/Stock Market/CCTV


Tim Vapid/Leopolds


Bring Gun Next Time

Ammunation/Private Taxi Mission - Got Your Back


Small Circle

Los Santos Seal (Story Mode/GTAO)



Vanilla Unicorn (Property)/Hang Ten (Trevor lies to Wade about Floyd and Debra)/CCTV


They Got Bugs and Wiretaps

Davis Courts/Public Parking Garage/CCTV/Stunt Jump


Switch A/B

Hayes Auto/Medical Center Parking Gagrage/Unique Switch Scene between Franklin and Packie/Stunt Jump/CCTV


Between I fought the Law and Packman - Franklin will have a unique switch scene where he'll appear inside Hayes Auto garage in front of the checklist of vehicles to steal for Devin Weston.


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Now the random event that takes place beside the Fleeca Bank in Hawick doesn't happen just on Mondays, so I'm wondering if what needs to occur on Monday is dropping off the banker from the taxi mission "The Three Bankers".

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Maike S
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Going to test this theory out.

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If that doesn't work and the random event is not the answer the only other logical explanation I can think of at this time is the stock of Fleeca Bank rising or falling on Monday.


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