Beseecher Website Black Light Header Speculation  


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17/04/2018 6:10 pm  

The Beseecher website has a black light header similar to the T.P.E map that focuses on nuclear fusion.

Starting on the left there's what looks to be a switch board with the letters K and L that looks similar to the network switch board found on the wall in Lester room. The word TOR is written just below the second E in Beseecher which my guess says REACTOR. There's 3 things circled unfortunately they are to faint to read at this time. The word INP and CO are written at the top of the header which I'm guessing says INPUT and CODE. There's 3 question marks that sit on top of the words CAPE POD which I'm guessing says ESCAPE POD. There's a box with the words IDEA 16 RELAY that has an arrow pointing to it. The number 07 and 09 are circled/boxed and there's a note which reads WILL NEED MORE H. H in a circle represents hydrogen which means water could be involved. The words MAIN FUSION are boxed and the words OU and PROT are written just below that, which I'm guessing says OUTPUT and PROTOCOL or PROTOTYPE.


The hand in the Beseecher logo is the same hand on the yellow doomsday mural just pointed in a different direction.

The "O" in Space Monkey 3D is replaced by a ringed planet which is identical to the one on the yellow doomsday mural.


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