New Maismas  


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05/05/2018 8:33 pm  

Well everybody I dont know if maismas interest you or not but I believe I have found some new ones. If they have been commented on please let me know. As of my knowledge they have not. The first one I found found is at the Elgin House and is near a caged in parking garage. I would call this one a very strong noticeable one. The second was found just north of the Elgin house just west of Haute in a little alclove with a bricked in square with a faint maisma coming from it. Very strange. And for the third one or ones I found was right in front of the pill pharm. There are many actually four and it just seems like trash is just blowing around. But with a closer look you can see that the trash are actually spawning out of the maismas.   Here are the videos http ,https:/ ,htt

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14/05/2018 7:12 am  

The last one i find very interesting. Co insides with a mystery hunters findings i have worked with


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