Morse Signal... Box!  


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03/03/2018 11:03 pm  

Today I was putting around town with Lucid Caesar and we wound up behind the Pegasus Concierge Hotel in West Vinewood. The Ellen's Liquor Light Cover caught his eye and we started discussing on how it might be a glitch or a developers error. Being hunters we thought maybe there's more to it, so we took a closer look at Ellen's Liquore Store which is on the South West corner of the intersection just East of Pegasus Concierge Hotel. At first glance the building looks quite basic nothing really to it but I could see a small brown square which is barely visible from a short distance away below the big arrow that protrudes from the building. As I got closer to the building I could notice writing on it, when I zoomed in it said Morse Signal 400-7141 and another word I can not make out. I tried calling the number but it was busy and during the day the corner is quiet at night you can hear what sounds like a heart beat or the base from a song coming from the Dungeon Crawler Nightclub.



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