Morse code heard while driving the space docker  


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25/02/2018 12:13 am  

Well, while investigating the follow the damn trains CJ, I decided to follow the train. When doing this I decided to drive while listening to the in game radio (Soulwax FM), while wearing my headset. Now realize that's all I can hear and a little background noise from the space docker engine (very faint). Now while following the train I started to notice the green lights on the "stoplight train lights?" become to turn on when I and the train approached them. Then near the hippie camp I slowed down a bit and started to lose the train and realized I was turning on the lights. So I decided to make a video of me driving around turning on and off the green lights, still listening to the in game radio. So I captured some video of it and while editing it I heard the strange Morse code from the space docker. Now just to mention, I could not hear it when originally playing the game. But it does seem to be I am reacting to it although I am not. Now if anyone is interested here is the video.

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25/05/2018 11:11 pm  

As I recall, this sound happens a lot if you drive up to the Altruists, as you exit the tunnel up from the saw mill if that makes sense (sorry no screen shot at the moment). I think it is most any vehicle and not just the SD. Sounds a lot like what you hear (in real life) when a cell phone is near a speaker and it sends/ receives data. Kinda like an old phone modem. Not sure if Rockstar meant this as a clue or something to make the game more real. 

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