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The Mount Chiliad Mural mystery will go down in history as one of the biggest if not the biggest mystery in video game history and the one question that everyone wants wants answered is what does it mean and/or represent.

The Chiliad mural is a hint towards the 3 UFO rewards players received for 100% game completion. The x's found on the face of the mountain represent the glyph's found scattered across the north and West sides of Mount Chiliad. These glyph's lead players to other locations on the map such as the Hippy Camp and Ron's Alternate Wind Farm where 3 duplicates of the mountain glyph's can be found. The 2 glyph's found at the Hippy Camp represent both the "Beam me up" FIB UFO and the 3 am FIB hologram UFO. The sand glyph which includes the WoW signal "6EQUJ5" was a signal picked up by the Big Ear Radio Telescope located in Ohio State on March 15, 1977. Note: The odd satellite at the array points directly towards Mount Chiliad.

The jet pack found on the bottom left of the mural represents Fort Zancudo Military Base, the base is fitted with the same style of warning signs found on the fence at Area 69 Military Base located in Grand Theft Auto San Andreas, the same place players obtained the jet pack from the underground bunker in the mission Black Project. In Grand Theft Auto 5 the bunker glows green at 3 am which indicates that there's something of interest to find in that location which is the Fort Zancudo UFO flying high above the base. On the UFO an anagram can be found which reads Segregate and Rearrange, When segregate is rearranged the words Easter Egg is revealed.

The red Spaceship above the mountain can be found under the observation deck a top Mount Chiliad, which is connected to the 3 am Hologram FIB UFO.

The small UFO on the bottom right side of the mural is a landmark to lets players know that when at the Hippy Camp they're in the right place to view the "Beam me up" FIB UFO above.

The cracked egg can be found in Paleto Bay because it represents the Famous Hamburgers sign. There's a scrambled message containing a percentage symbol, alphabetical letters and numbers written on the board, when unscrambled the message 100% is revealed which is what's needed to unlock the UFO's.

Note: The 2 glyph's that were not included above was the (Faded UfO) which represents the sunken FIB UFO found just off the shore of Paleto Bay and the (generic spaceship) which is identical to the red glyph located below the observation deck, the only difference being their color which is a representation of the 3am UFO.


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