Mount Chiliad Mystery Explained  


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The Mount Chiliad Mural in (Story Mode) is a puzzle that leads to five different locations on Mount Chiliad where hieroglyph's can be found.

Mount Chiliad Mural - Location: Mount Chiliad

- Four hieroglyph's have doubles two of which can be found at the Hippy Camp.

- The hieroglyph located on the south mount is an image of a UFO. Under the UFO is 3 marks indicating the time 3:00am and a crescent moon below it. Returning at the correct time, players can view the Beam Me Up UFO hovering above the Hippy Camp.

The second hieroglyph can be found on the North mount which is an image of a UFO, cloud, rain and three marks which again hints to the time 3:00AM, the right time to view the FIB UFO hovering above Mount Chiliad.

- The sand hieroglyph found in Grand Senora Desert directs players back to Mount Chiliad. It also hints to the satellite array because it is what picked up the WOW Signal 6EQUJ5.

- The WOW signal can also be found on the North mount of the Hippy Camp. 

- The plain UFO hieroglyph has a double which is red and is found below the Mount Chiliad observation deck, It is a hint to the Mount Chiliad FIB UFO.

- The faded UFO hieroglyph is the only hieroglyph without a double and hints to the sunken UFO found in Paleto Bay.

- The tips of the lightning bolts found on the Sinners Passage mural lead directly to both FIB UFO locations.

- The Oeuvre Gallery paintings Yellow portion pictured (left) show the images of a spaceship, footprint and a circle with an arrow that points to "How Many Three" all of which hint to the UFO locations. The other images found on the painting are hints to different collectibles that need to be collected in order to achieve 100% game completion.

- Higgins Helitours (Extreme Sightseeing) displays the cardinal directions South (Red) and North (Yellow), the helipad shares the same rays as the image found on the top of the Mount Chiliad mural.

- Wags to Riches also displays the same rays found on the image at the top of the Mount Chiliad mural, it also has an image of Chops gold collar, something that I believe players need to unlock for a true gold play through knowing Chop is used to locate collectibles which players need to collect to achieve 100% game completion.

- The Famous Hamburgers sign also shares the same rays as the image found on the top of the Mount Chiliad mural, and it displays the percentage needed to view the UFO's, 100%.

- The red and yellow images of the sun and the quotes "See The Eye" "Praise Him" and "Give Thanks" drawn in the cave below the Altruist camp connect back to the FIB UFO's as they display the same rays as the UFO on top of the Mount Chiliad mural.

- A painting which hangs in the windows of the Los Santos Customs, Periscope, Specs Pest and Lettuce Be also reveals the locations of the UFO's labeled FIB.

- A book with images that resemble Mount Chiliad can be found inside Los Santos County Coroners Office and Blaine County Savings Bank. Both buildings are permanently locked during the story and can only be entered during the missions "Dead Man Walking" and "The Paleto Score" which are missions given to players by FIB agents Dave Norton and Steve Haines.

- When Franklin meets Omega, Omega is wearing a black Eye of Providence tank top, red t-shirt and yellow gloves. The colors red and yellow are used on the glyph's at the Hippy Camp and on the Famous Hamburger sign. Knowing that collecting all 50 spaceship parts count towards unlocking the Space Docker and 100% completion, it's clear that Omega is affiliated with the FIB. tent/uploads/2018/02/Omega.jpg

- The Red and Yellow path always leads players back to the FIB UFO's unlocked after 100% completion.

- To date, 2/3 images shown on the bottom of the Mount Chiliad Mural are objects that have been added in DLC updates to GTAO. The egg can be collected from the UFO crash site, a mission that is unlocked by completing 600 gunrunning missions. The Thruster (Jet Pack) can be unlocked by completing the Doomsday Finale Heist and purchased from Warstock. This leaves the personal UFO, which we can expect to see added in a future DLC.

Mount Chiliad Mural - Location: Mount Chiliad

Artifact (Green Egg) - Location: Lago Zancudo

3 Legged UFO - Location: Sandy Shores (Hippy Camp)


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