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Hi, my name is Leonardodemonds.

I started with this hunt for the answers of the mural 3 years ago, i came with tons of stuff that at the beggining were nothing, but then i saw little paths that then i surprised were the paths of solving the mural , but before starting to share my solved mural i want to share the way of how i got there and how i thought this way of solving the mural, people will say "this isn't the way, the mural has to open a gate and then unleash a powerful jetpack blah blah.. jetpack" for god's sake stop thinking about a phisical jetpack, and if you are still doing it then leave this post. Here i start:

First thought of how solving it was; what was thinking Rockstar when doing the mural? why all those symbols connected with an eye, why there are multiple ufos in the map? nothing came from those questions, but then i added another question to those others; who draw the mural inside the game and what thought when drawing it? and that my friends is where it all begun. While i was watching again the trailers of the GTA V we can see mountain climbers and chilliad, only a climber who climbed the biggest mountain in the map can see everything from that point, nothing can be hidden in the map cause everything can be seeing from that point.

Who climbed the mountain saw and knew the other places of the map, saw a path of eggs, jetpacks and ufos, a path of 69 , some look left and some look right , you will always have a thing in one place of the map and in the other place of the map, not exactly but the same in perspective, a prison or a military base both can't get entrance, a deluxe airport for rich people and a sand airport opened for everyone (who wants to die - Trevor , lol) you get my point

When i noticed people saw a jetpack shadow figure in the altruist camp i thought, what if we could find all the things in the map inside the map but in one way only a guy could see, a path rounded of stuff, only one that sees and knows what is around him, and this is when i thought; if the red eye is the mountain, then we can see everything from it around the map, cause it's connected to every glyph in the mural, then i walked to  the cable car and thought, if one of the ufos is in the fort zancudo and the mount chilliad, where could be the jetpack seeing from the mountain? and then i saw it god damn i really saw it and i was so excited


After seeing the jetpack i thought, wait what if the jetpack connects with every piece of the map found and to be found? the maze bank egg? then i thought what if there is a jetpack figure near of it and to be found, i found another jetpack figure then


and i really was in a good way , finally someone got answers after all, seeing the mural is thinking how the man draw it, seeing everything form a big distance, Ned Luke confimed my theory without knowing me, what i mean is that he shared a clue responding to a guy that asked for the mural and that clue is 100% a clue of how to solve it and it's my process

I leave here my twitter so you all can see the retweets and the stuff i found, i don't want to make this so large



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