"In The Past Futuore (TM)" Explained  


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The quote "IN THE, IN THE, IN THE, IN THE PAST FUTUORE (TM) written on the Oeuvre Gallery painting represents the store Tidal Marks located on Route 1 in Banham Canyon.

During business hours the store front holds several easter eggs which can be found on t-shirts, vanity license plates, cosmetics, socks and giraffe print.

T-shirts hint towards strangers and freaks missions, collectibles, rare vehicles, health/armor, ufo's and the stock market. Vanity license plates hint to characters from past/present, socks that hint towards the stock market and giraffe print.

Check out the list below for more info!



Eris - (Past/Future - BAWSAQ)

Backside Skateboarding - (Future - Collectible)

Old Gen - (Future - Hidden Clothing)

Crevis - (Past/Future - BAWSAQ)

Vespucci Life Guard - (Future - Life Guard SUV/Blazer Lifeguard) 

FIB  (No Abbreviation) (Definition)

Los Santos County Fire Department - (Future - Collectible)

Sheriff Los Santos County - (Future - Health and Armor)

USALS - (Future - Booty Call)

Federal Investigation Bureau - (Past/Future - FIB UFO'S)


Vanity License Plates:

L1LY - (Past - GTA TBOGT)

BR4D - (Past - North Yankton)

S1NDY - (Future - Biker DLC)

TYLER - (Past/Future - Strangers and Freaks)

ET4N/N4TE/NATE - (Past/Future - Radio)

Zoey - (Past/Future - Kung Fu Lazer Force)



Verneer - (Past/Future - GTA IV/Bleeter)

Pharaoh Sun God - (Past/Future - GTA IV)



Prolaps Socks - (Past/Future - LCN) 


Giraffe Print:

Giraffe Print/Perseus - (Past/Future - GTA IV Giraffe Mod/Perseus Giraffe)


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