Oeuvre Gallery Painting  


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The Oeuvre Gallery painting was specifically designed for Franklin and Michael the evidence for this can be found at Higgins Helitours Higgins Helitours a property only Franklin and Michael can purchase Dynasty 8 For Sale Sign The helipad contains markings for both North and South Higgins Helitour Helipad The other colors used on the painting can be found by looking in legend found on the paper map inside the games case.

The following are just some examples of what can be found when applying the colors above to the painting and using it as a map.

The yellow painting Yellow Painting (left) that resembles a head is a map of Blaine County. Now what most would consider to be the eye is in fact a spaceship and above it an arrow pointing to the Northwest which would be considered the forehead. When viewing the collectibles map you will notice that there is a spaceship part to collect with Franklin right at the tip of the arrow which is in the woods just north of the Saw Mill.

On the (center) painting Center Painting a zombie is missing its left arm Zombie Missing Left Arm well his missing left arm can be found on the wall outside the movie studios on a billboard promoting Vinewood Zombie Vinewood Zombie Movie Billboard Left Hand and just above that billboard is a letter scrap.

The word “Ebonics” can be found on the yellow painting Ebonics The definition for the word is “Slang” a language frequently used in jail which points to Bolingbroke Penitentiary where the random event Prisoner Lift #1 occurs A quote from Merle Abrahams a.k.a. Infinite 8 killer can also be found on a wall inside the prison Merle Abrahams Quote

The orange color on the (Right) painting is the color of trails which can be found on the maps legend, there’s a J in a circle which sits on top of a box, that’s the Big Orange Juice Stand located on the trails behind the Galileo Observatory, this is where a letter scrap can be found.


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