1 of Textile City Mural's Secret Words Solved?!?!  


Kevin Bauer
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20/02/2018 2:50 pm  

We know some of the words hidden with a maze behind the Textile City Mural, words like BEGIN, CLOUD, SPIRIT, END.....but there are some words that are not as clear and we mystery hunters are meant to uncover the rest.

I'm focusing on the words at the top right corner, specifically behind the "V" spelling what we see "LUS???" Well I believe to have found the answer to it as there is a bar and nightclub named The Lust Resort/The Lust Drop

Now what clue do can we derive from this? There is a HEART as The Lust Resort logo, the HEART in GTA 4 could be called the finale Easter Egg in that game, the HEART from GTA 4 is also in one of the movies in GTA V I have always thought to solve the mystery we must find the HEART of San Andreas.

Please let me know how this can lead us to the next step and also your theories on any of the other hidden words. It seems like you will be able to decipher these words from something found inside GTA V Please and Thank You 😉


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20/02/2018 11:06 pm  

Great eye Kevin! I believe you maybe right about the LUS on the Textile City mural being Lust Resort Bar/Nightclub because I’ve always played GTA like the card game Memory when it came to mysteries and it has lead me to some great discoveries.

I did a search on the resort and unfortunately its plays no role in the game but I can see 2 different connections here so far. The first one is the blatant joke Last Resort Bar/Nightclub, the other is the song "Last Resort" a song released on the album Hotel California by American rock band "The Eagles" who are well known for having a connection with the Illuminati.

At this point in time I would use it as a landmark and see if another connection can be made, keep up the good work.


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21/02/2018 6:56 pm  

I do believe the word is lust Kevin. Just I see it as a differnt step that needs to be done.I feel at some point we are going to have to go or we were to go on a sex spree. That is why i feel there is people like Mary ann and Denises yoga teacher seemed to be able at some point to be able to date them


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