Textile Mural Maze Locations and Reward  


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Hey Hunters, I've been working on the back image of the Sinners Passage Mural which consists of 8 words and 1 symbol. l believe these are clues to a number of Easter Eggs around San Andreas, take a look.




GOLD X - The GOLD X symbol can be found on the Sunset Shores sign found in Stab City. A purple skull with an i patch sits on top of a speaker on the parks stage.

Note: Purple scull only spawns in SP.





NB - The initials NB stand for Niko Bellic. A wanted poster of Niko Bellic sits on the front porch of a house in the Grand Senora Desert.





Cloud - The hieroglyph located on the North mount of the Hippy Camp has a cloud and is where the "Beam Me Up" FIB UFO spawns




The word BED is close to the word CLOUD which lines up with Bolingbroke Penitentiary. Merle Abraham's infinite 8 quote and a map of where he buried his victims can be found written on the courtyard wall.

Note: Even though I feel BED represents Bolingbroke Penitentiary I do not have solid evidence to prove the theory. The word may also be a hint to a safe house, motel or Larry's RV Sales on route 68.





Lust - A florescent light of a Martini glass with the word cocktails hangs in the front window of the The Lust Drop. At night when the sign is lit tails in the word cocktails is burnt out displaying the word cock. Note: The Lust Drop is positioned vertically on the map.


Note: Trevor can purchase The Lust Resort bowling shirt from the Discount Store.


Note: In GTASA a Lust For Men billboard can be found on Rodeo Dr. The font used on the billboard is the same font used on the mural.





SPIRIT - The word SPIRIT is located west of NB so this is something that would be in Great Chaparral, Tongva Valley or Vinewood Hills. I was thinking it could be the body of Cole Phelps in the mine, maybe a peyote plant or Marlowe Vineyard where the plane crashes.




RS - With NB being the initials of Niko Bellic I thought maybe the initials RS had something to do with Solomon Richards, another character or a business. I also think it may be a hint to a modified Sultan RS hidden somewhere on the map, similar to GTASA.


BEGIN - My initial thought is that BEGIN would be Sinners Passage but it sits higher than LUST. With LUST being close to Eclipse Blvd it would put BEGIN around the intersections Vinewood Blvd and Meteor St, Power St or Elgin Ave.


Once the remaining words are figured out, we can start piecing the puzzle together and solve it. Hope this info was helpful, cheers.


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