Textile City Mural - Speculation/Explanation  


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The Textile City Mural is another puzzle connected to Higgins Helitours/Helipad and I will explain why in a second, back to the mural.

Textile City Mural

The mural is based on the map of San Andreas just like the painting found at the Oeuvre Gallery, the only difference between the two is the image. The Oeuvre Gallery painting uses the image of a head to represent the map of San Andreas where the Textile City Mural uses limbs. The arms represent Route 1/Route 13 which are the two main highways that run around the map.

The hands which form a triangle and/or pyramid is a representation of Mount Chiliad Mountain and the folded fingers representing Paleto Bay. The 3 Lightning bolts colored Red, White and Yellow shoot up towards Mount Chiliad.

This is where Higgins Helitours helipad comes into play because the helipad contains the colored coordinates for North and South which is Yellow and Red, White can be found on the maps legend and represents roadways.

Higgins Helitours


The 3 lightning bolts represent the 3 main paths that lead players to the working UFO's. The tip of the left bolt represents the FIB 3am UFO because it comes to an end between the the other 2 bolts. The tip of the middle bolt which end on the right sits the second highest on the map and represents the FIB UFO at the Hippy Camp. The right bolt sits the lowest on the map close to the left bolt and represents the Fort Zancudo UFO. If you look at the map this is the exact way the UFOs line up and If you connect the tips of the bolts it forms a triangle.

The V at the top left part of the mural represents the beginning of the GTA V mystery which is why players can find the Yellow awareness ribbon on top of the Binco directly in front of the mural.

Yellow Awareness Ribbon

The UFO at the top right of the mural represents the UFO's but more specifically the FIB 3am UFO, which is why Red awareness ribbons can be found on top of Mount Chiliad directly below the FIB UFO.

Red Awareness Ribbons


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