Awareness Ribbons  


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Awareness ribbons are symbols meant to show support or raise consciousness for a cause. Different colors and patterns are associated with different issues.

Red/White – Barricade/Caution Ribbon –

Yellow – (Possible in-game connection to POW Website)

Black/Yellow – (In-game connection Stunt Jumps)

Green – Unexplained (Possible in-game connection to Material Wealth or mental health/Dr. Friedlander)

Epsilon Blue Ribbon – (The house fitted with these ribbons is owned by a juror in the GTAO mission “Judging the Jury” which means the ribbons might play a role in GTAO) - - Blue Ribbon Comics (Justice)

White – Unexplained -

Black – Unexplained - (Possible in-game connection POW Website and/or gang prevention) -

Red – Unexplained - (Possible connection to FIB 3am UFO)

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